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Covid-19. Pemerintah RI: HANYA INI cara SELAMAT dari Covid-19. Hanya ini...

Covid-19. RI Government: ONLY THIS is the way to be saved. This is the only way to save others. Please click on subscribe, like and share.

All of you who are watching this video (viewers), let's do a health protocol established by the Government of Indonesia: live healthy, wash your hands as often as possible (minimum 20 seconds) and flow water, keep your distance (1.5 - 2 m), use masks, stay at home; if forced to leave the house for urgent and very important needs, wear a mask and go home immediately, then wash your hands or take a shower, and replace the mask. Never touch your face, mouth, nose and eyes before washing your hands.

Friends of all who see this video (viewers), the Government has initiated this "New Normal Life" era where we live in peace (or coexist) with the Covid-19 virus. New Normal Life means living a normal life in a new way. The core of the implementation is let's live productively and healthily by implementing health protocols established by the Government.

 The conception and operational details of the "New Normal Life" are currently being reviewed by the Government of Indonesia for later implementation.

Let's together all the people of the world stop the spread and transmission of the Covid-19 virus, and help people who suffer from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. God is always present for us.

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Prof. Dr. Ir. Sabam Malau



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